Full Day, Salmon And Halibut Charter

Full day Charter for salmon and Halibut is generally what we call a “BANK” trip. We head off shore out to the Swiftsure Bank. These waters team with migrating Salmon, and hold plenty Pacific Halibut. We sometimes fish down to over 400 feet for Halibut, that is why we use Shimano electric reels. But if your up to it, you can still crank these up manually!

These Bank Charters for up to 4 persons  $1200  + 5% GST(tax)

We depart the dock at 6am and return around 3- 4pm.

To reserve your charter, we require a $300 deposit at the time of booking.


Full Day Salmon Only

Full Day Salmon Charter is generally a ” on shore trip“.

Depending on the time of year we mainly fish along the rugged west coast shore line. This is where you find the larger Chinook Salmon. We mostly use anchovy’s and spoons as bait. Chinook Salmon vary from 15 to 40 lbs.

These full day on shore charters for up to 4 persons $1100  + 5% GST (tax)

We depart the dock at 6 am and return around 3-4 pm

To reserve your charter, we require a $250 deposit at the time of booking.


Coho fishing charters off Port Renfrew give you a excellent opportunity of landing that special trophy Coho. Our Coho charter season  is from mid September to mid October, when Coho are typically only a few miles from the dock. These scrappy fighting fish generally range from 10 to 20 lbs, with occasional catches over 20 lbs.  Rates and times are the same as full day salmon only, 1100  + 5% GST (tax) with a $250 deposit.

All rates are in CAN$ currency. A deposit to secure your charter reservation is required. Deposit will be refunded if a cancellation request is received 30 days prior to the date of the  booked charter.


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