When you get to Pacific Gateway Marina, our boat is located on “C” dock where the red arrow indicates in the picture.

This is from where we will depart in the morning

Get your License!

Every angler wishing to fish must have a Tidal water sport fishing license with the salmon stamp. You must bring a paper copy (print out) of it. Tidal water Fishing License

Caring for your catch.

We clean and bag your catch at the end of your charter. You can take it home on ice in your cooler, you can keep fish on ice for 4 days or more with out losing any quality of the fresh- caught flavor.

There are drop off depots in Sooke or Nanaimo and near Vancouver International Airport where your catch can be collected and transported to St. Jean’s Cannery where it will be caned or smoked according to your preferences. Fish need to be cleaned (guts out), and we will take care of this for you. There is a processor in town that will cry o-vac (different than vacuum sealing) and flash freeze it any way you like, whether that takes the form of steaks, fillets, sides or whole fish for a fee of $1.50 per pound.

   What you should bring along.

We provide a full-service charter, supplying all the fishing equipment and bait you’ll need to bring in your catch, but you will still have to bring a few things on your charter.

The weather can range from nice and warm to downright cold in the Port Renfrew area, so you’ll need to dress accordingly. Even summer days out on the boat it can be quite cool, but our boat has a heated cabin for your comfort. A wind breaker and light rain gear in case it rains. Dress in layers, you can always take off a layer or two when the sun comes out. Having the right gear with you ensures you have a comfortable trip, if you have any questions about what to bring on your visit just ask us.

.Bring your own food and drink.

Pacific Gateway Marina does offers convenient Coffee and Breakfast Buns in the morning (5am on) so you can pick that up before we head out. Bring a sandwich and snacks for lunch, and drinks.


We don’t control the weather. Some days the sea state is fairly calm, other days you can encounter large swells that make for a uncomfortable fishing trip on the “Bank”. That is why we recommend you book for two days or more.